Our Project Participants:-

  • Ferndown Upper School
  • Ferndown Middle School
  • Ferndown First School
  • Ferndown Rotary Club
  • Ferndown Guide Unit
  • Ferndown Riffs Youth Club
  • Ferndown Chamber of Commerce

Ferndown Memorial

"We make a living by what we earn, we make a life by what we give"

The Ferndown Memorial has recently been completed in Millennium Park, just off Church Road, Ferndown, close to the town centre, schools and council offices. For the latest news about installation see News & Events webpage. The design concept is similar to the iconic Eternal Flame at the Arc de Triomph in Paris and the Jubilee Memorial Sculpture outside the Great Hall in Winchester. The flat, circular memorial, approx 3m diameter and 10cm high, has been created using locally sourced Purbeck stone, Dorset pebbles and ceramic tiles.


The bronze centre piece is in the shape of a stylised rose flower, set in a bed of small white pebbles and surrounded by a green mosaic design, based on the Town Council’s Fernleaf motif. Outside of this are a series of polished commemorative stones inscribed with the names of local heroes.

The Memorial has been designed by Gerry Clarke to commemorate the lives of Ferndown people. Local residents, families and friends are being invited to purchase a stone to commemorate their friends, families and loved ones in order to help cover the overall costs.

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