Our Project Participants:-

  • Ferndown Upper School
  • Ferndown Middle School
  • Ferndown First School
  • Ferndown Rotary Club
  • Ferndown Guide Unit
  • Ferndown Riffs Youth Club
  • Ferndown Chamber of Commerce

Graffitti Art Murals

- "Work in Progress!"

Students from the Ferndown Upper School have been busy preparing a new design for an extra piece of the 'Sign of the Times' Mural along the Ringwood Road. The new section which depicts workmen building the supporting wall, is entitled "Work in Progress!"

- "A Sign of theTimes"

The Ferndown Town Council has allocated funds to improve the appearance of the old hoardings along Ringwood Road between the NatWest bank and the Tesco Garage.

Ferndown Upper School Year 14 Art Students have been developing a number of imaginative ideas and creative designs. Working with Street artist, Andy O'Rourke, the students came up with a novel interpretation of the theme:- love, peace and respect. The Mural is titled "A Sign of the Times".

The design incorporates a selection of different hand signs, which hopefully people will be able to recognise or associate themselves with!


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