Our Project Participants:-

  • Ferndown Upper School
  • Ferndown Middle School
  • Ferndown First School
  • Ferndown Rotary Club
  • Ferndown Guide Unit
  • Ferndown Riffs Youth Club
  • Ferndown Chamber of Commerce

Heritage Art Murals

A number of plain red brick walls have been identified in Penny’s Walk Shopping precinct and a series of Heritage Art Cut-Outs with a local historical theme, covering such topics as horticulture, market gardening and haymaking are being painted and installed.

Local artist, Jill McKay, from the ArtTrail Centre, is responsible for the creative design.

A Ferndown Frieze has also been developed with help from the Ferndown First School which celebrates the School's 21st birthday. Local business, trade and commerce are being invited to sponsor individual items.

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