Our Project Participants:-

  • Ferndown Upper School
  • Ferndown Middle School
  • Ferndown First School
  • Ferndown Rotary Club
  • Ferndown Guide Unit
  • Ferndown Riffs Youth Club
  • Ferndown Chamber of Commerce
Sculpture Park

 The Memorial and Garden of Memories will become the main focal point for an innovative new Sculpture Park containing sculptures and 3D works of art reflecting the town, its people, its environment and its local activities.

A welcome archway would lead to a dozen or more sculptures and three dimensional art forms which would be designed and fabricated in a variety of materials including local stone, metal, wood, manmade and living materials.  The sculptures would be created with help from local residents, schools and other community groups. 

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Offers of help have been received so far from the Ferndown Upper School, Middle School and First School, the Ferndown Art Group, the Rotary Club of Ferndown and the local Chamber of Commerce. Other local community groups, such as Townswomens Guild, Womens Institute, Lions, Scouts & Guides and Youth Groups are being approached. 

Our vision is to create an exciting new public space containing a garden of memories, sculpture park and picnic area for the benefit of all local residents.

Sculpture Ideas and Materials

Suggested materials

Stone:    Purbeck stone, milestones, stepping stones, inscribed slate and brick

Wood: Carved timber, tree trunks, driftwood

Living materials: moss, fern, grasses, willow, herbs, flowers and shrubs

Metal: Bronze, stainless steel, wrought iron, wire, aluminium

Manmade: Acrylic, plastic, rubber, perspex, pvc, canvas

Ceramic: Pottery, mosaic tiles, fused glass

Found objects: recycled items, plastic bottles, used IT equipment

A few creative ideas

¨  Tree of Life - Collection of artifacts hanging in branches

¨  First Green Shoots - Living sculpture with ferns and moss

¨  Flower Bed - Four poster bed planted with flowers

¨  Shoe Tree - Hanging collection of shoes and trainers

¨  Carved Stone Sun Dial - “Let everyman follow the sun...”

¨  You’ve Been Framed - Picture frame for photo portraits

¨ Wildlife Mosaic - Linear mosaic design on stone tablets

¨  Big Brother is Watching You - Solar powered CCTV

¨  Estate of Mind - Creative collection of house bricks

¨  Musical Sculpture - Percussion and string instruments

¨  Jack and the Beanstalk - Metal sculpture with beanstalk

¨  PC Bug Tower - Recycled components for living insects

¨ Ferndown Flag Forest - Flagpoles and Club banners

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